Friday, January 29, 2010

Energetic Healing...A Potent Life

Now This is what I'm talking about...

Energy Transfer - Access Instant Healing

Now This is being potent...accessing and being the power of facilitating healing, of physical, mental and emotional trauma...

My friend and colleague Jola has tapped into an area within herself that allows her to be the greatness she truly is. What will it take to choose that for yourself?

The energetic approach Jola is offering is available to all of us - are you ready for it too? I started using the same methods of change and transformation, healing and facilitation, as Jola, about 7 years ago - this stuff rocks! There may be nothing out there that works as well.

Access Energy Transformation

Friday, April 10, 2009

With Every Choice You Make For You...

Living A Potent Life requires choosing, choosing for You...

With every choice you make for you, regardless of any one else’s pov about it, you are taking another step out of this reality. With every choice you make for you, it starts to break down the control of and over you by all external sources.

This is being Potent.

If we look at “reality” as something that is created when 2 or more people align or agree on a pov, or resist your pov in order to make you wrong. Reality requires judgments in order to exist. Right, wrong, good, bad….etc. What would things look like without the judgments in place? Good question. What would your life look like without judgment? Are you willing to have that? Even if you have no idea what that would look like?

This is being Potent.

What’s the difference between being in this reality and the creation of your life? This includes truly choosing things for you. Simple as that. Choosing what ever it is with you in the equation. Not giving up parts of you in your choices. Not compromising. Inherent in the term “compromise” is that it doesn’t work for you. What is the value of choosing things that don’t work for us? Why do we do this continually?

What could be the value of being outside this reality? Maybe this is where we can find ourselves. When we stop choosing for everything and everyone else and begin choosing for us, more and more of who we are starts showing up. By choosing for others, we loose our identity, as we have done this almost forever, how do we know who we are?

Maybe by being outside of this reality we can create our own life, based on choices we make for us. What would you like to generate for your life that hasn’t shown up yet? Without bullshitting yourself, what would you choose? For you.

Musings from the edge of sanity...

Curiosity Costs to Much

Arrogant was initially defined as “asking a question”, isn’t it interesting that today the word is commonly used to express the opposite of one seeking through a question, of one who “knows it all”?

From the time we were in school we have been told that we must have the right answer…and we have to show how we got it. And if you did not show your work you were accused of cheating. So where in that equation is there room for those of us who truly have abilities where we just know shit? There is none. We were just made wrong – which we made real – and started to invalidate ourselves. As invalidation and diminishment continued, pretty soon we as the infinite beings we are disappeared.

How often are high level functions called disabilities by those who do not understand what is actually taking place? ADD, ADHD, OCD, among many others are labels to separate and categorize based on the points of view of those doing the labeling. Not looking at the picture as a whole realizing that this person just knows, but comparing to what is “normal” and acceptable in this society and culture.

By these limiting points of view alone, by the judgments required to create them, and by the people who buy these as real and valid – do we not allow something different and more expansive to show up for all of us.

Curiosity is all about living in and as the question. Knowing that the Universe has access to more than we do when we come from a thinking place. Curiosity is being the proverbial cat that in truth never gets killed by his questions but dies by not asking them. For those of us to whom curiosity is our natural state of existence, to make ourselves wrong for that by buying others judgments of us, and trying to change US to fit in with THEM does indeed induce the death of our true nature. Death by shoehorn.

What is it going to take for the existing paradigms to allow for those that are different to contribute without requiring them to be exiled, outcast, scorned, or killed?

What else is possible here? What do you know?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Energetic Facelift and Total Body Juvenescence

Just what really is an energetic facelift? And, how about the rest? What does the word "juvenescence" refer to? And how does it relate to having a potent life? To find out, read on!

What if hands on energetic processes was actually the next medical break through? Even on Oprah they mentioned energy as the next medicine. And that the changes possible from this "new" approach will actually be what makes a long lasting difference. Are you ready to have that as part of your life? What if what has been labeled "paranormal" is actually normal? And the magic that we can do is truthfully normal? Taking into account how the humans have decimated the planet, do you suppose it's possible that in order for people to survive it's time to find different ways of doing things? What if judgment is the singular source for all creation? And from our own judgments of ourselves, and those that others project on us, thus is our body created. And destroyed.

Are you wondering what all this has to do with a facelift? Or how the destruction of the planet is related to our bodies falling apart? Curious?

Here's the deal. If it's true, as science tells us, that everything is made of or from energy, and everything that exists is connected energetically, do you suppose it's possible for the source of the destruction of the planet is the same source of the destruction of our bodies?

Trauma, drama, anger, rage, fury, hate, all the bullshit we project onto other people has an energy to it. Is this an energy that generates new possibilities, or destroys?

This energy creates damage. Damage to the tissues in the body and damage to the planet. When we stop spewing this crap, we will stop killing the planet and we will stop degrading the body.

The Energetic Facelift process actually stops the cellular degradation of the body. And has the capacity to reverse the effects already done. And, in my interesting point of view, more importantly, this process starts to undo and unlock from the body the judgments that have created it's current condition. And even more weird, can help people stop using judgment as a source for creation, opens their eyes and being up to seeing awareness and choice as the source.
From here, we have a different possibility, and can truly change things.

And yes, this facelift process is amazing and changes the physical appearance of the face, usually after 1 session. And will continue to generate more changes as one receives the process.

This process is totally natural, and done with only calling up certain frequencies, and placing the hands on different parts of the body. Sounds like crap? Sound like magic? Possibly. And, what if we as people have the capacity and ability to effect such changes? I know this is possible, I do this with people weekly, and am always amazed and grateful.

I work with a small group of people around the planet that are looking for new ways to change things. Including our bodies. Including how we as people are killing off the planet. And what the interconnections of these are & what to do differently that will truly change what we are doing.
We are looking at the different ways to apply energy, with the body and with the brain. And what is possible here.

What if, by using energy as a neurotransmitter, this in itself affects the molecular structure of the body? And this effects the physiology and appearance of the body?
Despite the disbelief, this is what is showing up. And it's that easy.

The, purpose, of this blog is to increase awareness of a different possibility that is available for those looking for change. Changes to their face and appearance and to other aspects of life.

And Juvenescence - what is that?
This is the overall effect this energy application affects the entire body. Yes the appearance can change. The juvenating actually takes place on all the cells of the body, on an energetic and molecular level.
This process generates new.
Generation is a constantly changing process...

What's next? Stay tuned for more, more on energy and what really is going on here...
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